“I had this lifelong love and passion for radio, television, and history and how they intersect and affect one another,” Joe said. “That day, I thought, ‘Wow … these are more than defining moments in our history. They are benchmarks of our lives!’ It occurred to me that if I could put a book together featuring those ‘Where were you?’ moments and include the actual bulletins and news coverage for each event, I could bring the stories to life.”  

The following year, Joe released We Interrupt This Broadcast: The Events That Stopped Our Lives.

Then, one night while watching A&E, the “dulcet tones of Bill Kurtis” inspired him to have it narrated.  

“I’d always been a huge fan of Bill’s, and I just thought, ‘What if?’ So, I poured every ounce of passion I had into a letter to him, explaining what I was hoping to accomplish. And he very graciously agreed.” 

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